iTology Offers a Comprehensive Security Service to Ensure What is On Your Computer and Network Isn’t Available to Prying Eyes.  

Do you know where your data is right now? As businesses become more reliant on the Internet, it’s important to know the data that keeps you competitive isn’t being shared without your knowledge. iTology offers a comprehensive security service to ensure what is on your computer isn’t available to prying eyes. Many companies will offer you antivirus and tell you your computers are secure. Our iTologists provide a more comprehensive and secure approach, offering not only antivirus, but malware protection, network intrusion monitoring, enterprise-grade password policies and two-factor authentications to ensure your networks are secure and only working for you!

Often, businesses are under the impression their networks are being monitored because of vague implications by tech companies, when the companies aren’t doing anything of the sort. It’s easy to get misdirected by jargon and over-complicated statements. We’ll keep it simple for you: iTology inexhaustibly monitors your network to ensure constant security. 

We will diligently stay present to guard your network, working in the background, protecting your services so you can focus on daily operations while we keep prying eyes away from your hard-earned data. We will also work with your employees to teach them the best ways to protect your company and how to implement the newest industry standard security policies. We know the protection of your data is priority one, and the importance of its safety cannot be overstated!

By being a client of iTology, you automatically get access to our security expertise at no additional cost. It’s an all-inclusive service powered by our business agreement, which dictates aligned interest between us and our clients. When your networks are thriving, we are too.  We’ll diligently keep working in the background while you work on the parts of your company that you care most about.