iTology offers complete IT Management to industries of Oklahoma who value comprehensive support—providing in-house and remote innovations that keep your technology running efficiently, while protecting your data and network infrastructure. 


Appointment scheduling, bookkeeping, collection efforts, dental billing, digital imaging, insurance processing, patient management, period charting, and practice management are all important applications dental industries rely on to maintain a successful practice. iTology supports these applications and helps dental professionals reduce downtime and keep up with patient demands.


Oklahoma is a mecca for oil and natural gas—in fact; we house the largest skyscraper west of the Mississippi, built by a company that uses natural gas. iTology helps energy companies improve their technology so they can operate at high levels of efficiency. We automate functions that are currently done by manual labor, freeing up valuable time to devote to higher level priorities. With IT Management from iTology, we’ll equip you with the innovations you need to secure, regulate and energize your technology. 

Law Firms

With stringent deadlines, court dates, trials, and confidentiality issues all part of your regular routine, Oklahoma law firms can’t afford to have their technology let them down. iTology provides law firms with all the support needed to run a successful practice and keep partners and associates focusing on their clients and billable hours—not their technology. We support TAB software and other applications that help optimize and secure your network infrastructure.


iTology supports Oklahoma environmental industries who maintain the quality of our air, water, and land. Just as these industries protect and preserve our environment through environmental spill response, environmental remediation, groundwater and wastewater analysis, hydrogeological services, industrial hygiene, safety services, fire protection, environmental testing and more—iTology helps ensure that all of your computerized equipment is working at full capacity and securely protected against—for one, the effects of the environment, as well as other technological catastrophes like viruses that could damage or eradicate your network or result in loss of important data, wasting valuable time and resources recreating the data. 


Construction companies are always on the go and need constant mobile and electronic communication with contractors and sub contractors to track the progress of every aspect of the job. They also have to keep track of payroll, estimates, and timelines, as well as using high tech equipment to produce in-house architectural designs. iTology helps construction companies optimize their networks with in-office and mobile solutions that help you provide excellent client relations, stay on task, and meet deadlines. We use EFC Systems for administrative support.


iTology provides EMR and EHR solutions to Oklahoma healthcare professionals who want the same great care and support from their technology as they provide to patients. Patients want simplified procedures, fast results, accurate diagnoses, medication management, direct insurance billing, and appointment reminders—while healthcare professionals want practice management, streamlined insurance processing, compliant software management, Electronic Medical Records, administrative support, dependable equipment, data management and security, 24 hour support, and fast reactive support and emergency response. iTology works with healthcare facilities to provide the latest innovations in technological advances and satisfy the needs of both patients and medical professionals.


iTology offers solutions to financial industry professionals who rely on current, secure, and dependable technology that’s FINRA compliant. FINRA regulations include conflicts of interest, day trading, electronic and online communications, accurate and secure record keeping, regulatory notices and much more. Our Network Engineers are educated on FINRA and keep up to date on all laws so that we can manage your technology the way you need it to be managed. Whether you’re a stock broker or mortgage broker—financial planner or estate planner—iTology has the innovative solutions to help financial industries prosper. 

Other industries we support:

  • Educational Facilities
  • Hospitality
  • Industrial
  • Small Business
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • And more…

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