Backups are as integral to a business as insurance.

It’s a necessary safeguard against countless security threats lurking in the global technology sphere, from hackers to ransomware to unexpected but disastrous errors. It’s not a matter of if your data is going to be threatened, it’s a matter of when. A study by IBM showed that the average cost of data breach incidents increased from $6.53 million in 2015 to $7.01 million in 2016. According to studies by FEMA and SBA, 25%-45% of businesses don’t reopen after a disaster.  

Backup isn’t effective unless there are three copies of your information, two on-site and one off-location. iTology uses image-based backups in conjunction with file and folder-based backups to ensure infallible defenses.  

While you’re doing research for IT security companies, make sure to ask if they have been able to protect each morsel of information for their clients. Many of our competitors can’t say that they have. iTology’s clients have never lost data while they’ve been with us. Through our security and data backup practices, we have succeeded in helping clients hold tightly to their data through any circumstance. 

Technology is the backbone of your business, and data is the backbone of technology. Don’t neglect to protect the core of your company against intruders. Work with iTology to secure your business data today.